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to increase women’s political power in the state of Mississippi by engaging women voters, women candidates, women leaders, and other candidates who champion women’s issues. This is to be accomplished through education and political action, as well as producing and disseminating information to inform and engage Mississippians and champion transparency in our state and local governments. WFPPAC recruits, trains, and endorses women and other candidates who are committed to the core values as expressed by the WFPPAC. They are Political Action, Equity in Education, Access to Healthcare, and Economic Justice.


Advocacy, Awareness & Action. The Women for Progress Political Action Committee (WFPPAC) is a 501c4 committed to advancing progressive women to all elected positions in the State of Mississippi.


WFP PAC endorsement selection committee conducted a three-part, thorough and transparent process, with scoring rubrics that guided candidate selection.

  • Research and vetting

  • Candidate Interviews

  • WFP Member Poll


Each candidate receiving the WFPPAC Endorsement meets and exceeds our

leadership beliefs, strategies, and experience expectations. Display a high level of knowledge of the office, duties, and responsibilities, and bring an innovative approach to the seat they seek. Each candidate shared a plan for and has a history of community service and knowledge of the communities in the office they seek to serve.

The WFP PAC reserves the right to not endorse every political race, however the WFP PAC offers additional opportunities to engage candidates to share their platforms with Hinds County and MS voters. 

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